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PyWebMail is a Python library and collection of tools for working with webmail servers like with mail server that uses other more machine-parsable protocols (like POP3 and IMAP). This library enables you to work with webmail server like with POP3 or IMAP server. Basically there is support for connecting to webmail, listing folders, retrieving and deleting messages. In foreseeble future there will be support for sending mail (no relay due to technical limitations).

Basic goal of this project includes providing comfortable mail access for users of webmail provides that doesn't supports POP3 access, and (!) for users that can't use POP3 due to technical reasons (usually firewalls).


  1. /CommandLineClient: Standalone commandline-driven webmail client. Can list, read and delete messages. Can download messages (including all messages in folder) into mailbox file.

  2. /Pop3Gateway: POP3 server that allows you to use nearly any email client (like Eudora, Bat, Mozilla or :-/ MS Outlook) against these webmail servers.

  3. /Pop3Manager: Graphical interface for management of POP3 gateway server.

  4. /WebMail: Test webmail server. Sometimes used for debugging purposes.

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