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1.1.7 beta version

Lots of stability fixes.

One of them are ability of POP3 server to return messages (previously downloaded - i.e. in auto-check) if listing from server was timed out - extremely useful on slow connections.

Support for folder selection in XTND CHECK command.

Support for pre-checking (on USER command) if folder is locked. This allows client to distinguish from failed user/password.

Behind-the-scene (i.e. only for developers) script to catch interface changes on webmail server.


1.1.6 beta version

Dependency on "islib" gone. You should delete all copies of "islib" package because it's now completely unsupported.

Gmail support. If you have mailbox of cause. :-)

Netscape support. (RFE#869571)

Internal improvements useful for support files authors. See CHANGES.txt.


1.1.5 beta version

I hope that this is last release that uses separated islib package.

New Mail.Com design support.

Yahoo! Mail support.

Post.Ru support.

Support for merge backend support.

Upgrade setup creation procedure to using "py2exe" 0.5+.


1.1.4 beta version

Major restructure.

Resurrect Mail.Com support.

Multiple backends support (i.e. POP3 - you can get messages from POP3).


Revocation of version 1.1.9

Developers in Mail.Com contantly working against us - they had made whole content of mime message (including boundaries) unavailable. I'm drived to create new message download mechanism but this will take some time for writing and testing.


1.1.9 pre-release version

If everything will be ok, this version will be re-released as 1.2.

Fixed bug that disables ability to re-login to Yahoo after timeout.


1.1.3 beta version

Pre-beta version.

Biggest change is only visible in CVS - windows setup for WinWebMail can now be customized for some sort of installation, which allows to create setup packages of less size. Also it can be customized with pre-created webmail.cfg file, so you don't need to create it on installation. Last feature has not so many uses, but it's nessesary for myself.

Another minor change on Mail.Com site - advertisement on message delete.


1.1.2 development version

Development continues.

Another change on Mail.Com site. This also included in 1.0.3.

Discovered that error in mentioned in 1.1.1 DO affect WinWebMail, so I'm releasing it with couple another changes. Most of the changes affect and InnoSetup script. Look in comments for 1.0.3

1.0.3 stable version

Update release.

Another change on Mail.Com site, backported from 1.1.2.

Many enhancements in setup (this was reason for one-day delay after change on Mail.Com site mentioned above). Setup now supports creating of multiple accounts and editing of accounts, already exists in your webmail.cfg.

2003/08/26: 1.1.1 development version

Fix release.

Due to error in package webmail.client.config.parse was not included in released version 1.1.

Note: This was not affected WinWebMail, so it's not re-released.

2003/08/25: 1.1 development version

Nearly complete rewrite.

New service configuration data model. New API (new webmail.client.config.parse package).

Yahoo! Mail support, as a result of above.

2003/08/19: 1.0.2 stable release

Update release.

Resurrected access to Mail.Com after additional advertisement pages. Only login page has not prepended by advertisement. Do they going?..

2003/08/12: 1.0.1 stable release

Update release.

Resurrected access to Mail.Com after site modifications.

2003/07/30: 1.0 stable release

This is first release of PyWebMail that considered stable.

This release supports only Mail.Com. For support of Yahoo! Mail you should download 1.1 development release.

I hope that this program will be useful for you.

2003/07/26: 0.9.5 installer release

This is py2exe'ced version packed with Inno Setup

Advantage of this version is that in process of installation, it asks for information and creates webmail.cfg.

2003/07/25: 0.9.5 release

This is release candidate for 1.0 version. Please check if you are interested in using 1.0. If everything will be OK, only change will be version shift.

Also this version will have (in couple of days) WinWebMail companion version. You can use it as alternative to this package. WinWebMail will be py2exe'cd wgetpop3, wget_nt, wget_gui and pop3mgr for different usage flavors.

  • Couple of bugs fixed.

  • .wmc files how have future compatibility, i.e. file-type version embedded.

Note: new configuration style is not included in this version, to allow it to be released earlier, so you should not use this package as a library for your programs (wait at least release 1.2), but you can use top-level scripts provided (at last they do work this soft was created for!).

2003/06/05: 0.9 release

This release is defined beta.

  • now worked as expected. sdist, bdist, bdist_wininst and py2exe known to work on Win2K.

  • now reads .ini files, so can be used for service debug.

2003/05/24: 0.8 release

Fanfare! Heading first major release!

A lot of changes since 0.1. Most changes hidden from user, but still very important.

  • Configuration (i.e. services info) split. It was some time ago (2003/03/18), but still not reflected in history. Information about services now contained in separate files (see README.txt for details).

  • Setup. .ini files and registry support for some global options.

  • Also mailbox (i.e. passwords) storage!

  • Standalone testbed server (plain and NT-service variants).

  • A lot of class structure changes. Mostly in support library (islib.inet.POP3Server).

2003/03/13: 0.1 release

Top level tools

Client only tool with expected commands list, retreive, delete.

POP3 daemon (server)

  • supports caching - can retrieve messages for later (fast) receival over POP3 protocol

  • deletes messages from WebMail server on QUIT command (so it must be issued when online)

  • can be managed remotely, by extended POP3 commands (syntax partially derived from public sources)

POP3 daemon wrapped as NT service

POP3 daemon with attached manager

  • direct management has advantage in speed over

  • of cause still can be managed remotely (see

Manager for POP3 daemon

  • can manage over POP3 protocol any flavor of daemon (i.e. any of,,

  • For now only supports retrieval of statistics and starting of "auto-check" - retrieving of messages to cache

Additional tools


Proof-of-concept WebMail server

  • designed for mod_python

  • reads messages from "mbox" file in netscape mailbox format

  • stores list of deleted messages in "mbox.del" - one UIDL by line

Client features

Configure webmail service

configuration stored in "webmail/client/wgetmail.xml" but this will soon change to allow storage of different services in different files

  • actions: login, folders list, messages list in folder, retrieve message, delete message

  • auto re-login upon timeout

  • actions can be splitted to parts (see "message" action for "Mail.Com" service)

Feedback and questions concerning this site should be directed to

Last modified : Mon Apr 30 7:56:21 2007